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Jewelry By Raphael

Monday, 04. May 2015
Buy loose diamonds and make perfect couple rings!
By jewelrybyraphael, 04:26

Presently, there are several online companies who deliver bulk diamonds to their customers. They planned their website in a way so that each and every client gets all the information about their product and services. And you can contact directly or mail them for any query. There are various diamond traders or jewellery makers shows their all the ornaments on their website.  Always check four characteristics of a diamond before you purchase.

Overview about bulk diamond purchase

Currently, there are several advantages of buying online diamonds. If you purchase loose diamonds bulk, then you may get cheapest loose diamonds very easily. It’s a quite simple and easy process. If you search the online properly, you can find several diamond sellers, who will provide diamonds at affordable prices. But don’t purchase diamonds quickly before profound research. If you want to buy diamonds, then you research the internet profoundly. Check the entire website properly and inspect each and every section to acquire a complete idea about their product and services. Check always customer review section to get the best result.

Discount Loose Diamonds

If you want cheapest loose diamonds for any type of festival, then internet is the best choice for you. In the event that you purchase mass free jewel, then without a doubt you will get rebates. It will spare your minimal expenditure doubtlessly. Just buy a precious diamonds from a reliable organization that has a zero-resistance standard towards clash jewels and assurances that all its versatile precious stones are genuine and in submission with the Kimberly Procedure.

Purchasing loose precious diamonds can plainly puzzle the methodology of obtaining a part of gems, which is the reason various individuals select to only run with preset rock. It can be well esteem your while, however, in the event that you have a thought of absolutely what you require and can’t find it premade in a gem store. When in doubt, you can always make a beeline for a nearby engagement ring store for certain course! In addition, the egotism that you will composition for devouring involves the time to decide the perfect stone will show through in her appreciation for your guarantee to her and your affiliation. While that is not to a degree you have to put a quality on, it’s not ever damages to have it arrived in a somewhat less sumptuous than you key.

Loose Diamonds Wholesale

When you keep cash by purchasing free jewels for your engagement ring, you can yield that additional cash and put it toward to a degree else joined with your marriage, similar to your wedding or gathering. You can likewise put that money toward your novel home together, which can likewise be a parcel more selective than anticipated. Additionally, not all diamond experts will tell you the reality. Some will tell you decisively what you have to hear with the objective that you buy the best valuable stone and you buy it from them.

So, choose a best ornament site and purchase through it!

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Tuesday, 24. March 2015
Buy loose diamonds at wholesale price
By jewelrybyraphael, 07:25

If you need to buy bulk diamonds, then you may get discounts on diamond price! There are various online diamond companies who provide genuine certified diamond at competitive price. If you wish, you can visit any diamond trader physically to know the complete details. But it will take too much time and you have to spend money also. But if you search online, you don’t need to go anywhere. Just a click of a mouse, you can get the entire details. You can compare each site with others and check all the discount details and buy diamonds easily.

Purpose of buying diamonds

Generally, people want to buy a diamond for several festival purposes like, marriage ceremony, engagement purpose, diwali and dhanterash, anniversary, etc. If you are going to marry or you are going to participate your relative’s marriage ceremony, then you need to buy diamond jewellery. It’s always better to purchase bulk diamonds and then designed jewellery as per you want. And after designing the jewelry, set the diamonds on that jewellery. It will not only make your jewellery unique, but also save your money.

Loose Diamonds Wholesale

Advantages of purchasing loose diamond

Well, it’s always better to buy bulk diamond than a single diamond. Loose diamonds can be set for any kind of jewellery like, necklace, ear rings; finger rings nose top etc. If you buy large loose diamonds then definitely it will save your money.

There are benefits and limitation of each. Purchasing a diamond that has almost been set can be more reasonable since the setting is frequently part of a store’s group that they have obtained from the diamond company. Large loose diamonds need not only the collection of the diamond for a customer, but the setting as well. Though, that should not discourage somebody from deciding to purchase a loose diamond. The benefit of purchasing a diamond that has not yet been set is that you can truthfully see it in its correct form. Occasionally settings are deliberately located to conceal any flaws or blemishes in the diamond, since you see it in the stock up and then you received it home and under the correct illumination.!%20(675x900)%20For%20website!-600x600_0.jpg

Things that you have to remember

There are certain things that you have to remember while you want to purchase loose diamonds. First is the budget. You need to calculate your budget first and then go for the further process. Choose only those companies who provide diamonds as per your budget. Second, consider the time factor, because numerous jewelers do not bring a huge collection of loose diamonds. They must be prearranged for you to appear at. You’ll also require to permit extra time for the diamond to be set if you select a loose diamond to acquire.

Always, examine the clarity, size, certification of the diamonds because loose diamonds are not enhanced than set diamonds; they merely offer you with extra design potential and authorize you to select a traditional engagement ring in its place of one that is manufactured.

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Tuesday, 03. March 2015
Online shops are the best way to get cheap and large loose diamonds
By jewelrybyraphael, 03:17

Frankly speaking there are several factors which need to be considered when it comes to selecting the right diamonds. In spite of getting the wholesale diamonds are low prices, one needs to be educated about the essential characteristics which might assist in comparing similar looking diamonds which are offered out by different existing sellers. Proper planning needs to be done before going ahead with the purchase of diamonds. In this article we are going to deal with those factors. So, all those who are interested in knowing about it, kindly read the paragraphs which descend.


General overview:

There are several people who search for large loose diamonds in cost-effective prices. For those people genres of people referring to the online world is the best option for them. It is one of the best places where large shaped diamonds can be obtained in at prices lesser than the physical markets. These portals give out several discounts which as a result enable customers to bring home these precious stones in cost effective fashion.


All the information about good-quality diamonds is available here:

These websites will provide all the essential information which one seeks for in a diamond purchase without actually making them to travel from one shop to another. The best thing about these sites is that they apart from providing large loose diamonds which are genuine to the core also give out various certificates confirming its originality. This is something which only the reputed stores do in the physical markets but here most of these websites render such benefits. It is one of the main reasons why so many people cater to its services. They are aware that not only would they get diamonds which are actually diamonds, but will also get at lesser prices and along with genuine certificates.


They enlighten the customers also:

Apart from that these sites also enlighten the customers by providing them important information about how to go about in a diamond purchase. They provide them various tips and make them, aware about the diamond specifications so that the possibilities of them being fooled are minimum. Many readers may ask fooled as in how? Well in our present world there are several fraud companies who employ the same craft and skills in glass and as a result render them that same shine and elegance which is usually seen in diamonds. And naturally if customers are not aware about what to look in diamonds, there is every chance that they would be fooled into purchasing these glass stones. As a result of those fraudulent incidents there are several eminent experts who through their blogs enlighten the customers about every diamond aspect.



There was a time when after hearing about the price of diamonds we would more often than not take a backward step. But with such online diamond trading forums, one can get their favorite designs in really un-believable prices. Whatever be the design or color, whether it’s oval, round, rectangular shaped, pear shaped one can get them easily. Hence concluding customers simply log into these websites without any hesitation and bring home one of the mesmerizing stones.

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Monday, 15. September 2014
Buying cheap diamonds online: a grand way to invest
By jewelrybyraphael, 08:35

Diamonds are used for making awesome jewelries; however, they are quite costly and can be considered as precious asset due to their brand value and unit cost. It is quite obvious that investors may consider purchase of diamonds for increasing asset portfolio.

Since March 2009, internationally the diamond industry has attracted double-digit growth figures for purchasing rough diamonds combined with sharply slashed production figures: for the obvious reason, buying cheap diamonds online is now on popular trend. But there are several supportive reasons behind this trend. Let’s take a quick view.

cheap diamonds online

Value is ascending

If you take last 5 years’ view, the price of diamond is either steady or moving ascending. The popularity of diamond has been increased recently. In that aspect, investing in diamond purchase is being counted as a lucrative asset sector. According to the analysis, in next five years there is no chance that the price of diamond will go down.

Social value of diamond is always countable

Diamond is being used as status symbol. Diamond is considered as the symbol of affluence. Therefore diamond has an eternal appeal for mediocre people also, which will never be over. In that aspect also the craze for purchasing diamond will always be in practice. Financial economy may fluctuate but price of gemstones like diamond will never go down.

Large Diamond Rings

Durability adds extra value

Diamond stones are known for their excellent durability. Unlike gold, it never goes withered if remain unused even for long time. Therefore purchasing diamond and preserving them unused will not attract any depreciation. Diamonds can be family asset as well, which hardly require any maintenance. Once purchased it is easy to maintain.

It is an asset

There is no eligibility for owning a diamond. It has no extra liability also. It is like ready cash, which can be utilized any time on discretion.

Buying cheap diamonds online is therefore can be justified for many reasons provided you can purchase it from reputable diamond stores. You can purchase quality and GIA certified diamonds from

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Monday, 18. August 2014
Cheap diamond rings: how to make a diamond looking larger
By jewelrybyraphael, 11:05

Buying a large diamond is always expensive and sometimes may not be manageable by budget. But the beauty of purchasing a diamond ring is that meticulous purchase can compensate the size with its natural splendor. There are some ethical ways for making a small diamond looking larger.

These ways are simple ways and are available with all reputable diamonds shops; however, in some instances, we need to know the ways where you can manage purchasing cheap diamond rings with awesome beauty and with larger look of the diamonds fixed in the rings.

Cheap diamond rings

Look for fancy shaped diamonds

Diamonds that are fancy shaped look larger than round shaped diamonds. These are cheaper in price than round brilliant cut diamonds and often look better. Oval, marquise, and pear shaped diamonds look larger than its actual carat size.

Go for a pave-set ring

Pave setting looks like a cluster of diamonds but actually it is made of small diamonds seat side-by-side in little holes and tiny beads are embossed on the metallic griddle to hold the diamonds in their place. As a whole the demands look larger than their actual size with their cluster effect.

Cheap diamond rings

Try illusion setting

In illusion mounting setting a diamond is mounted on a mirror like plate before fixing it on the band, this mirror creates a larger illusion and the diamonds look bigger.

Go for a bezel set diamond

In bezel setting a rim remains completely encircling the stone. Mostly in bezel setting while gold or platinum is used with white colored diamond: the combo of white and white create a larger effect. Similarly gold diamond with golden rim will create larger effect.

Cheap diamond rings

Diamond rings with side stone look larger

Small diamonds fixedon the metal band on either side of a central stone will not make the diamond larger in reality, but it will createa grand pizzazz with excellent larger than real impact.

So you can be worry-free about purchasing cheap diamond rings; with little planning a low proceed diamond ring can look large with awesome look.

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Wednesday, 16. July 2014
Tips for buying cheap diamonds online
By jewelrybyraphael, 15:09

Gone are those days when people have only one option for buying diamond. Only jewelry retailers were the points from where people could have bought quality diamonds. However, good quality was available but hardly good quality and cheap price were available together.

Nowadays apart from regular jewelry counters people can buy quality diamond online. There are plenty of online diamond stores available for access the online stores and ordering diamond from there. But all of them are not worth doing transaction.

Therefore buying cheap diamonds online is a tricky deal unless you know the tips for online shopping for quality diamonds.

cheap diamonds online

Search online for some reputable stores

Before you start for diamond shopping, find out some good online stores from where you can find quality diamond to purchase. Before you select a company verify the details like,

  • The service period the company is enjoying in market,
  • The kind of reviews the company enjoys from its existing buyers,
  • If the company offers secure transaction facility?
  • What about the customer service?
  • Does it offer money back guarantee on any proven dissatisfaction issue?

Check for the certification they provide

Before doing the transaction you must check with the delivery policy and the quality assurance policy they maintain. It is globally accepted rule for providing GIA certificates for assuring about quality. Unless the certification is provided by GIA it is not safe to purchase diamond online from a counter.

Take the reference from your peers

 You can take some reference from your friends who have already gained for buying cheap diamonds online from a diamond retail counter. In case you have sound one such address, you can check the users rating about the online shop. After you feel comfortable you should further proceed for purchase.

 There are 4 Cs to be checked for purchasing a diamond. These are cut, clarity, color, and carat. Once these 4 are assured with an online purchase of diamonds, you can seal the deal.

When shopping online, make sure you know exactly what you are buying. Some sites show diamonds with a range in carat weight, color or clarity. To ensure you know the value of the stone you're purchasing, ask for specifics on its 4Cs, not a range. Then, make sure the stone comes with an independent diamond grading report, like those provided by GIA, which provides an unbiased analysis of the diamond's 4Cs. For added security, you can verify a GIA grading report using the online Report Check tool, which will confirm that the information on the report matches the GIA database.

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Cheap diamond rings: know the 4c before you buy
By jewelrybyraphael, 07:25

Wanted to gift a diamond ring for her? You can purchase some of the best diamond rings online at most affordable price. But before that you have to learn the secret of identifying the best quality in a diamond. You can learn it by knowing 4c about diamond.

This 4c s is about color, clarity, cut, and caret. However, you need to consider 5th C also in order to find your cheap diamond rings. However, cheap diamond does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality but you need to identify the best quality at competitive rate.

Color: more colorless is a diamond, more pricey it is. In international market, D is the most colorless one while Z denotes light yellow hue in the stone.

Cheap diamond rings

Cut means the style a diamond allows light to reflect through it. In a descent cut diamond, light enters the stone and reflects straight to the eye of the viewer. While purchasing a diamond you must get an AGS or GIA certificate for authentication of its quality.

Clarity means the perfect transparency of the stone. The diamond stone has least inclusion in it is judged as the better quality diamond. F is the flawless quality and I1-I3 is thelowest in category where inclusions are visible. Cheap diamonds rings are mostly made with diamonds between SI2 and VS1 for good look and best value of money.

Caret signifies the size of the stone. It is obviously not possible to purchase a huge diamond under budget price but you can check with your budge how big diamond you can accommodate for your ring.

Cheap diamond rings

Check at the online shop of to find the best diamond you can purchase adhering to 4C rule. You will surely find some fine pieces diamond from here to make one of the best cheap diamond rings ever possible on earth.

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